Giving Thanks: Now That I’m a Parent

Family Time
The FamilyAlbum Team

It’s no secret that a lot can change when you become a parent. New priorities, new lifestyle, less sleep… But how about your relationship with your own parents?

This holiday season, we’re presenting a collection of stories from parents on what they understood about their parents once they had families of their own. We hope you enjoy!

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Unconditional Love

Homemade Memories

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There was this one Christmas I will never forget when my parents didn’t have the money to give us the Christmas they wanted. I know now that they  couldn’t really afford Christmas, but we had no idea. Our home still felt full of so much love. • That Christmas my mom made all the homemade gifts she could think of (swipe➡️). She sewed pajamas. She made calendars and stationary (which have now turned into a traditional Christmas gift). It was one of my most memorable Christmas’s, yet we had no idea the season they were facing. Now, as a Mother, I can understand what that time was like for my parents. I understand the financial burden they faced back then and the desire to give my kids everything. That Christmas was such a life lesson for me. I want to teach my kids valuable life lessons the holiday season can bring. I want to show them what this time of year is about. And that is exactly what we have really tried to do. • Every year we find ways to give back and bring joy to those around us. We bake and deliver cookies. We support local organizations and donate to kids in need. We make homemade gifts because I want my kids to see what a treasure something homemade is. We make memories and share them with those around us. • And like many of us, we love sharing these moments with our family which is why I am a huge fan of the @familyalbumapp ❤️ This app is remarkable and allows us to share our family moments with our loved ones, which I especially love because some of our family is on the east coast and they get to experience the joy of these moments!! The @familyalbumapp photo albums have also been a huge hit. Our family love connecting over the photos despite being on the east coast. A photo speaks a thousand words and albums documenting our family has been such a treasure!! @familyalbumapp is incredibly unique because it allows you to share an experience with your family who may not have been present to physically see their grandchild’s first steps or first words. The services @familyalbumapp provides build relationships and brings families together and that is what makes it so special ❤️. #givingthanks #familyalbumapp

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Family Traditions

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