New to Premium! Relive Your Favorite Moments with Our New Slideshow Feature

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The FamilyAlbum Team

Introducing our newest Premium feature: slideshows!

With this feature, you can look back on the same date from months and years past with a beautiful slideshow set to music. The perfect way to enjoy little reminders of your favorite moments!

Where can I watch slideshows?

To unlock slideshows, first be sure to register your album for Premium. After registering, just open the FamilyAlbum app and go to the most recent month on the Album screen to view.

Who can watch slideshows?

Slideshows are currently only available for members of an album subscribed to FamilyAlbum Premium.

The photos and videos chosen for slideshows are determined by visibility settings. Photos and videos whose visibility is set to “Partner Only” will not be displayed in slideshows for Album Members.

What day’s photos are in the slideshow?

Slideshows on your Album screen feature photos and videos from the same date, such as “1 year ago today”, “6 months ago today”, etc.

For example, if today is 25th of January, 2022…

  • The same day one year ago (the 25th of January, 2021)
  • The same day six months ago (the 25th of July, 2021)
  • And more!

You can watch a slideshow from the same date if you have at least 3 photos/videos from that date.

Slideshows are shown only in one frame. Contents are chosen at random each time the Album screen is displayed.

Other Great Premium Features

First-time Premium subscribers get one month free! Register now to view slideshows and unlock all the features below.

We’ll continue to create updates to help support the journey of your family. Stay tuned!️

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