Introducing the FamilyAlbum Widget!

Family Time
The FamilyAlbum Team

Big news: FamilyAlbum has a widget!

New to iOS 14, a widget is an object for your Home Screen that displays useful and delightful content from an app. With the free FamilyAlbum widget, you can rediscover your favorite family moments and keep your loved ones on your Home Screen.

Read on for details!

What does it do?

The FamilyAlbum widget is a rotating slideshow of memories from your album on your Home Screen. A new photo is displayed every five minutes, perfect for rediscovering your favorite family moments.

How does it choose what photos to display?

The widget prioritizes photos taken on the same date from past years. Unlike other widgets, only memories shared with the whole family will be displayed. If you’ve joined multiple albums, the widget will default to the last album viewed.

How do I get it?

Just follow the steps below!

1. Update your iPhone to iOS 14, then update your FamilyAlbum app to the latest version. Tap here to update FamilyAlbum!

2. Tap and hold any app icon on your Home Screen, then tap “Edit Home Screen”.

3. Tap the + icon in the upper-left corner of your screen. This might appear in the upper-right corner depending on your device.

4. Tap “FamilyAlbum” then tap “Add Widget”.

Please note: The FamilyAlbum widget is only available on iPhone. After installing, it may take up to 5 minutes before the first photo is displayed.

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