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Big news: FamilyAlbum was featured on Real Simple!

The article, “How to Keep Family Traditions and Celebrations Alive During the Quarantine”, offers some great tips on how to celebrate special occasions from a distance. FamilyAlbum is right there in #5—but don’t just take our word for it! Check out the snippet below or tap here for the whole list.

#5 Set Up a Group Photo Stream

Any iPhone users can share photo streams where everyone in the shared group can post and view each other’s photos, but you can also use a photo sharing app (like FamilyAlbumGoogle PhotosAmazon PhotosPhotoCircle, or Flickr). This way, anyone participating from afar can upload photos to one shared album. Everyone in your Seder photo stream can upload snaps of their meal prep, best moments, and sweet video messages.

This option also takes the pressure off of being “live” on video call. Sometimes it’s easier to do an at-home Easter egg hunt and share photos later, or blow out the birthday candles and upload the video after—instead of coordinating a massive group call.

From “How to Keep Family Traditions and Celebrations Alive During the Quarantine” on Real Simple

Anyone can see that FamilyAlbum is in good company. But how does it compare to these big-name photo-sharing apps? And how did it get listed first?

We’d argue it’s because sharing, celebrating, and remembering special moments with family is exactly what FamilyAlbum was made for. Our app has lots of unique features made just for this purpose, for example:

  • Photos and videos are organized automatically sorted by month, complete with your child’s age. Just swipe the screen to go back in time!
  • Users can control visibility settings in just one tap. Decide what to show to the whole family and what to keep private between you and your partner.
  • FamilyAlbum is optimized to make viewing shared content easy. Family members that have trouble using other apps will have no trouble using FamilyAlbum. There’s also a browser version.
  • The app automatically pieces together 1-second clips of your memories into short, touching movies. Tissues not included!
  • You can order real photobooks from right within the app. You’ll get suggestions every month—order as-is or create your own in minutes.

Plus, it’s actually free. Many of the perks that cost money in other apps, such as additional storage or ad removal, are available for free with FamilyAlbum. We make money two ways: (1) when you purchase a photobook or other product from the app and (2) when you register for our Premium service, which adds bonus features to our already-awesome free version. We’ll never show ads or charge for features currently available for free.

Have you used other photo-sharing services besides FamilyAlbum? How do they compare? Let us know in the comments!

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